Oktris Web Portal Launch – includes Oktris FIRDS (Instrument Reference Data Solution)

Oktris is delighted to announce its new web portal which is open to all and at launch incorporates the free-of-charge Oktris FIRDS service to greatly simplify the user experience when accessing FIRDS instrument reference data from ESMA (and, in anticipation of the 1st January Brexit deadline, from the FCA too). The Oktris approach centres on stripping away complexity and giving users intuitive access to the level of detail they need.

The FIRDS datasets have the advantage over other instrument reference datasets of being the very same data used by the regulators to validate transaction reports amongst other things and can provide a firm with either a primary instrument reference data source or complement existing data sources already being used. Instruments of all asset classes traded across the United Kingdom’s and Europe’s Trading Venues and Systematic Internalisers are represented. The basic Oktris FIRDS service works across devices so that, for example, users can read the datasets via their mobile phone as easily as from their desktop PC.  Enter an ISIN and click one button – it’s that simple to find reference data. Oktris has ensured that, wherever possible, data uses familiar industry language rather than the more arcane ESMA codes.

Oktris also offers a premium, chargeable, service which goes above and beyond the basic ESMA offering:

Expired/matured instruments. Regulators are increasingly identifying problems with transaction reports often requiring firms to back-report large volumes of data. This can be a challenge, particularly when the instrument that needs to be re-reported has expired/matured and is no longer part of the FIRDS data set.  Oktris FIRDS provides Instrument Reference Data for over 65 million instrument records covering 10.7 million unique live ISINs and 32 million unique expired/matured ISINs from the ESMA FIRDS data set, allowing firms to complete the reference data elements of their back-reporting.

FITRS data such as size-specific-to-instrument threshold, large-in-scale threshold, liquidity indicators, average daily number of transactions, average transaction value, etc.  Beyond general information on a product this is a must-have tool for firms to use in meeting their regulatory obligation to ensure that pre- and post-trade data published by them (or on their behalf by APAs) has been waived/deferred only where appropriate, eg. as part of a reconciliation process by spot checking published data against the regulator calculated thresholds contained in FITRS.

Eligibility checking. Is an instrument ToTV or uToTV (ie. whether an instrument is eligible for reporting, and when it became so). Another valuable tool for firms to use either as part of their pre-reporting checks, supporting logic on whether to submit a report or not, or as part of a reconciliation validating submitted reports for reporting eligibility.

ISIN Lookup. Enter key instrument characteristics to gain a list of matching ISINs.

For high-throughput users there remains the option of a chargeable, configurable Application Programming Interface (API) using the industry-standard FIX protocol.

Go to https://oktris.com/ and click “LOGIN” to access the portal or register your free account to access Oktris FIRDS and other Oktris services as they are migrated into the portal.

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