Oktris Tape – Machine Readable Interface

In addition to the web based interface designed for human interaction, Oktris also makes the information available over the standard Oktris API which is based on the FIX Protocol.

Oktris is migrating all architecture into a new hyper scalable cloud environment. This is expected to be completed in November 2022. Once that is concluded, Oktris will be opening access to the Oktris Tape API.

This service is free of charge. The service is available to anyone.

As a FIX based interface, it requires a user to have some credentials to login. In order to obtain credentials, the Oktris web store will be up and running sometime in November 2022 and will include a “Register” item for Oktris Tape which when selected, will result in the credentials required to login to FIX being sent to that users e-mail address. Access to this feed does require a user to be registered with the Oktris website. We don’t care who you are, but we do need a mail address to send the credentials to. A user can create an account on the Oktris website by selecting “Login” from the menu at the top and then selecting the “Register” link below the “LOG IN” button as shown below.

Draft Documentation for the Oktris Tape API can be viewed or downloaded below