High quality services

Oktris software solutions are made available to customers using the Software as a Service (SAAS) model, whereby the applications are hosted by Oktris, and made available to clients across the Internet. For a client this means that there is no local software to install - no periodic updates, and always having the latest and greatest.
Oktris FIRDS - Instrument Reference Data

Oktris offers over 100 million Instrument Reference Data records covering both ESMA and FCA MiFID II asset classes - live and historic (Matured/Expired) going back to 2017. Service can be used via our web portal on this website with live data being free to access. Premium services include access to the historical data and FITRS transparency data on the web portal. We also offer the services via a high throughput machine readable API.

Troubled Project Recovery

Oktris has high level Project, Programme and Portfolio level leadership experience. We have helped firms integrate technology solutions into their complex trading environments, enhancing straight through processing flows, data enrichment and regulatory capabilities but specialise more in rescuing troubled projects and programmes after others have failed.

Consolidated Tape (CTP)

Oktris has developed the technology to consolidate and publish trades from across the EU and UK both delayed and real time.

Eligibility Checking - ToTV/uToTV

Is an instrument eligible for Transaction reporting? Premium service that allows checking of an instrument via its ISIN and the underlyings of that ISIN to determine ToTV/uToTV eligibility for much of the MiFID II reporting stack including Transaction Reports and Transparency Reports. The service is available over a machine readable API.

Best Execution

Oktris can offer MiFID II reporting services to firms falling under the MiFID II requirements for Quarterly (RTS 27) and Annual (RTS 28) Best Execution Reporting. Oktris generates the reports and provides them to firms in CSV format so they can self publish. Oktris can also host a firms reports.

Future Regulatory Solutions

Oktris intends to expand regulatory services to ultimately cover all regions and all regulatory regimes. Firms with interests in specific solutions are encouraged to contact us - we may be able to bring the desired solution to the front of our pipeline.


ESMA and Big Finance discuss EU wide Consolidated Tape. We got bored of waiting and built the tech

We have the tech - we'd like a partner with hardware or financial resources to help us make it a deliverable service

Our Work process

We don't understand why a lot of stuff in the financial sector is sold as "complicated". It's not. We want to make it as simple as possible to get hold of regulatory solutions to the point where we have an online shop where you can "add to basket" and start using many of our solutions within minutes - no suited meetings spanning months (and sadly, no fat cat lunches to go with them) and no stack of custom contracts that are wrangled over between legal teams for yet more months. Just solutions highly configurable to YOUR needs out of the box with enterprise or even individual level performance and capabilities at appropriate price points. For some customers though, perhaps they want a bit more than that and welcome the old school paper contracts and more bespoke versions of what we do - the process for this is outlined below.

PART 1: Delivery Process for our Services (bespoke)

There’s no mystery here, it’s common sense stuff honed on the consultancy battlefields of small two-man-and-a-dog outfits, global investment banks and everything in between

Contact us and let us listen. What are your thoughts on what you would like and how you think we may be able to help?


Do you need what you thought, more or less?
Can our solutions help?
How would they best fit into your workflow and are they cost effective for you? What level of support would you need? Do you like what we have but need it to work slightly differently? Perhaps you need slightly different contract terms or some required certification for our solutions. Or something else.


One of our solutions? Great.
Whilst our off the shelf services are designed to be simple to get using and we believe our documentation to be excellent for a firm to get up and running without additional assistance, we can provide extensive integration support otherwise known as "on-boarding" over a short initial period. We are also happy to discuss providing support such as project / programme leadership on integration with your firms existing system workflows which might be appropriate where we've been asked to do something a bit more bespoke.

PART 2: Relationship

Now you have the working solution, and you’re gaining the benefits, Oktris will continue to support your business and the products we provide. We’ll also work to give you the best solutions to meet your requirements on an ongoing basis. We believe you’ll enjoy the agility we bring, which is only possible in a smaller company.