Oktris Tape

29th July 2022.

Oktris is in the process of demonstrating the Consolidated Tape Technology it has developed over the past three years. Oktris developed this technology with the aim of being in a position to provide Consolidated Tape services to both the European Union and United Kingdom at the conclusion of successful tender bids. This tech was first demonstrated on this website back in 2019 and we’re now making it publicly available once again as the European tender approaches.

Over the coming weeks, more information will be published here on Oktris Tape – the background, technology, functionality and future direction. We hope what we’re doing will be of interest to firms in the sector and private individuals seeking data and we’d welcome the opportunity to engage with interested parties who may have thoughts on what “good” should look like. For those super excited about Consolidated Tape (is it just us?), why not become a part of our efforts? We’d welcome exploratory discussions which may lead to possible collaboration – of especial interest would be firms with experience of and the infrastructure to deal with vast quantities of data. We’d also be very keen to hear from Firms or individuals with a possible interest in investing in what we’re doing. We aim to be the CTP for Europe and at a later date the United Kingdom – Who wants to join us for that journey?

In the mean time, feel free to make use of the data we’re presently providing on the four public pages that can be seen if you mouse over the top menu item labelled “Oktris Tape”. This is DELAYED public data published as part of the MiFID II transparency regime.

In addition to information about what we’re doing, we hope to expand how the Tape we have up now works for people – including adding ever more data. We’ll provide access to a version with historic data, powerful search functionality, including by asset class and integration with our existing Instrument Reference Data services (an ISIN is great… but some people might like to actually know what the thing is when they see it in a list). We’ll also provide details on how to obtain the tape data over our powerful enterprise grade API.

Watch this space…