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MiFID II reporting made
INCREDIBLY SIMPLE 21st CENTURY REPORTING. IT'S BEEN WORTH THE WAIT! Months of suited meetings ahead of getting a solution are great, but how about an off the shelf turnkey solution you can buy now and use tomorrow? Our Services

We provide automated MiFID II solutions for ESMA FIRDS and FITRS, along with MDP Reporting


The capability to process Financial Instrument Reference and Transparency Data produced by the European Regulator, making it directly available to firms for the purposes of management information, and also the basic underlying pre-requisite for most MDP Reporting.


Until now, finding a partner capable of even providing MDP Transparency Calculation and Instrument Reference Data reporting was hard or, if you did manage to find someone, required the purchasing of other expensive products. Not anymore.


The next generation of daily reports

Say goodbye to being required to provide a double-digit number of data fields. Most reports require the provision of only a couple of fields for Oktris to be able to generate everything required for the regulator, and in many cases, only one piece of data.


Elevate your MDP Reporting to the next level

What people are saying about us?

Oktris brings a new relationship model to reporting: Responsive, with strong customer focus – words easily said and often repeated, but anyone involved in this space over the last two decades and particularly in the run up to MiFID II will know this has been sadly lacking. Until now.