Trade Data

Trade data aggregated from numerous sources.


Obtaining trade data for historical analysis or for real time market analytics has traditionally been a challenge and one with a heavy cost! For instrument reference data, Oktris offers the closest data set that exists to an industry wide standard: The FIRDS database, not only the current dataset but also historical for both the United Kingdom and the European Union. Additionally, the transparency data for those instruments is also available. There are circa 50 million instruments in the database in early 2020.

For trade data, Oktris leverages the Consolidated Tape Technology it has developed. Oktris licenses this technology to firms or other end users who may want to access trade data from multiple sources across the EU. Presently, most UK APAs are represented plus some trading venues with more continually added with the aim of eventually offering access to information on every trade published by any Investment Firm, Systematic Internaliser or Trading Venue within the United Kingdom or European Union and beyond. All in one place. Much cheaper than has ever previously been offered.

The Oktris solution is capable of accessing both Delayed Data AND Real Time data. For the first time, the industry can find wide coverage of all asset classes in one place at sensible prices. For the first time, private investors have that same data within financial reach.

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