We provide regulatory solutions and data for both the UK and EU financial services regulatory regimes.

Instrument Reference Data

Oktris offers over 100m records covering the entire MiFID II scope of instruments for both the UK and EU Regimes - live and historical dating back to 2017. These can be accessed via a simple web interface - including over 20m free records - and also via an enterprise strength API allowing thousands of records per second to be retrieved. The Oktris data has the advantage of being the same data used by the regulators to validate transaction reports and can either supplement a firms existing reference data sources or be used to strengthen checks on transaction reports and help with back reporting where an instrument has expired and the reference data needed for the report is no longer available from other sources.

Transaction and Trade Eligibility Checking

In 2018, the UK FCA handed out a fine of £34.3m and another of £27.6m to two large banks for MiFID transaction reporting failures which included omissions of transactions eligible to be reported, and over reporting of transactions that were ineligible for reporting. Oktris offers an eligibility checking service via API that can be integrated into a firms automated workflows to check ToTV/uToTV status of a transaction instrument prior to report submission or as a validation after submission to supplement a firms existing controls and allow those firms to further demonstrate to a regulator how they are taking all steps to ensure accurate reporting.


Reporting done YOUR way.

In most regulatory reporting scenarios, a firm is ultimately responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the reports - even if they outsource this to a regulated third party such as an ARM. All too often a report solution provider has an interpretation of the regulations which whilst generally very good, in some scenarios may differ from that of their customers' compliance experts. Oktris allows an unprecedented level of control, often on a record by record basis on exactly how the values in reports are generated. Oktris presently offers some MiFID II reporting solutions and is expanding the range of reporting offerings with a view to eventually covering all regulatory reporting requirements of all regimes globally for the financial sector. If a firm has a specific reporting solution requirement, we are happy to discuss building it should we not already provide it or adapt our existing solutions.


Demonstrate your control to the regulators

A new way forward

Oktris brings a new relationship model to reporting: Responsive, with strong customer focus – words easily said and often repeated, but anyone involved in this space over the last two decades and particularly in the run up to MiFID II will know this has been sadly lacking. Until now.